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2017 SMPW Executive Board Members

President - Brenda Calvert

Vice President 1 - Robert Franco

Vice President 2 - Merv Jovero

Secretary - Leslie Muench

Treasurer - Diana Mail

Coach Coordinator - Art Reese

Cheer Coordinator - Connie Vasquez

2017 SMPW Appointed Board Members

Assistant Coach Coordinator - Ryl Relatores

Assistant Cheer Coordinator - Renee Franco

Cheer Player Agent - Heidi Willis

Cheer Fundraising Coordinator - Jeanette Solano

Player Agent - Julie Marron

Webmaster and Field Coordinator - Andy Mail

Safety Coordinator - Chris Post

Flag Coordinator and Equipment Coordinator - AJ Franco

Registration Coordinator/Pictures and Trophies - Jessie Bagshaw

Little Scholars - Julie Kennard

Business Manager/Team Mom Coordinator - Nicole Gleason

Sponsorships/Fundraising - TBD

Snack Bar - TBD

Business Manager/Team Mom Coordin